• Outdoor Living

    Get a Custom Outdoor Living Area Created in Middletown & Montgomery County, MD Today!

    Outdoor living is about spanning the gap between the indoors and outdoors, it is an extension of your home outdoors. An outdoor living space can have many different elements depending upon the homeowner’s interests and leisure’s. The most popular are swimming pools, decks, porches, grilling or kitchen areas, fire pits or fireplaces and sitting areas. These elements can also be enhanced by the addition of lighting, landscaping, water features and outdoor appliances such as stereos, television and internet.

    Residential has over 30 years of experience in the outdoor living industry and has built relationships with the numerous different tradesman needed to complete these types of projects. It is the planning and coordination of these partners that determines a projects success.

    From the original concept to the project completion the knowledgeable staff at Residential will guide you through your many choices, including architectural details, colors, textures and available materials. We are dedicated to assuring the project process will be a comfortable one.