Gated pool area with side patio

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A patio can be used much like a deck but offers a more natural ground level blending of the outdoor elements. A custom patio can have structure and architectural detail or it can blend naturally into the landscape. A patio can be a large open place for congregating or a small hidden space for a little alone time. A custom patio can be constructed of many different materials such as Concrete, Brick, Pavers, Natural Stone, Aggregate and more. When choosing or combining the many different available materials a patio can be constructed to reflect the character and personality of the home or its owner.

Alluring Patio Design

By adding walls, stairs or columns to the patio you will add elegance, beauty and value. Walls can turn undesirable, unusable areas into multi-purpose, functional outdoor living space. They can complement the existing, or be a vocal point. They can create continuity or establish separation. Whatever their purpose they are also available in a multitude of materials, colors, and textures.

A custom patio can include lighting, landscaping, water features or possibly a structure such as a pergola, arbor or trellis. With all of these available resources and our professional artisans, R-I-S can turn your back yard into a vacation destination.

Circular back patio